Bulk Import into SIMS .net
Import email addresses, telephones number as well as UDF fields from CSV, an Excel Spreadsheet or a xml file, directly into SIMS .net.


SIMS Bulk Import uses the SIMS Business Objects. Meaning bulk importing is as safe as manually entering it in. If duplicate records are found, it won't import. If you don't have access in SIMS .net to enter a field, you can't bulk import it.


SIMS Bulk Import is completely free and open-source. No license fees. No maintainence charges.


Don't be limited to fixed columns, match your file's columns to SIMS .net fields


View, filter and securely submit logs, all without leaving the app


A. You can download the source code from GitHub.
A. No. Some support teams might support SIMS Bulk Import, it's entirely their decision. They may wish to charge you a small fee to cover training and any additional resources required to support this. Again, this is solely at the Support Teams discretion.

SalamanderSoft and SchoolsICT have both indicated they are willing to support SIMS Bulk Import.

SalamanderSoft provide provisioning solutions on a commercial basis, which includes, but not limited to, automatically generating Active Directory user accounts, email addresses upon admission with write back into SIMS .net.